Mission statement for JAFSA

JAFSA promotes and enhances excellence in international education in Japan and provides for a connection to the global community.

-What is JAFSA?

JAFSA is an association comprised of universities, individuals, and other entities including private firms as supporting members interested in facilitating the internationalization of education in Japan and around the world.

-What does JAFSA do?

JAFSA serves its members by providing the support and advocacy necessary for its members, and other similar public and private institutions in Japan, and by making efforts to attain JAFSA’s mission of enhancing excellence in international education in Japan. JAFSA also organizes fora for discussion of contemporary international education exchange issues; to provide training sessions and professional development opportunities; to provide models for best practices and services; to provide networking opportunities; to provide opportunities for collecting and disseminating timely international education exchange information; to initiate surveys and research activities; and to represent the views of its members in support of the internationalization of education in Japan and around the world.

-JAFSA's values

JAFSA believes that enhancing excellence in international education will advance the development of individuals who will be more understanding of the differences of peoples and societies in the world, and in turn will foster peace, security and the well-being of the global community.

-JAFSA's goals

[Strategic Plan 2014-2015]

1. Provide the support necessary to advocate with relevant public and private bodies on behalf of JAFSA and its member institutions in order to attain its goals and fulfill its mission.

2. Conduct events and initiatives at the 2015 NAFSA Conference in Boston that will enhance at home and abroad the credibility of Japan’s commitment to excellence in international education.

3. Establish stronger training and networking platforms for international education exchange administrators;

4. Promote assistance for the internationalization of universities;

5. Build alliances among those foreign and domestic associations and organizations related to international education(i.e., NAFSA,EAIE,APAIE, The Japan Association of Private Universities and Colleges (JAPUC); Association of Private Universities of Japan (APUJ); The Japan Association of National Universities; Japan Association of University Administrative Management;

6. Ensure a strong and efficient administration of JAFSA by increasing the support of board members;

7. Establish a foundation for public policy advocacy by JAFSA board members.