History of JAFSA

JAFSA was established in 1968 as a non-profit, non-governmental, voluntary based organization. In November, 2003, it obtained corporate status from Tokyo Metropolitan Government when it approved its application to become a non-profit organization (NPO). Its main activities involve disseminating and exchanging information, promoting research and training programs, publication, and making proposals concerning international educational exchanges. Members are mainly comprised of university faculty and administration personnel, as well as Japanese language instructors, and various members of private organizations. JAFSA is expanding its membership nationwide. → see membership

2016First Participation in AIEA.
2015Exhit as "Study in Japan" in NAFSA 2015.(62 universities and 2 institutions)
2014JAFSA becomes "Global Adviser" of NAFSA Global Partner Program.
2013JAFSA celebrates its 45th anniversary of the foundation.
2010Dr. Kaoru Kamata (the President of the Waseda University) is elected as the President of JAFSA.(Dec.2008)
2009JAFSA becomes "Global Associate" of NAFSA Global Partner Program.
The first delegation for JAFSA session at ISANA is dispatched.
2008JAFSA celebrates its 40th anniversary of the foundation.
JAFSA starts to exhibit a JAFSA booth at NAFSA from 2008 Annnual Conference&Expo.
2006A Memorandum is signed to promote international cooperation between JAFSA and KAIE (Korean Association of International Educators).
2003JAFSA is officially registered as an NPO in November 4th.
2001The Recognition Award to Commemorate the 100th Anniversary in Accepting foreign Students is awarded to JAFSA by the Minister of Education、 Culture、 Sports、 Science and Technology (MEXT).
2000The organization is renamed as JAFSA: Japan Network for International Education.
1999An international Memorandum of Understanding is signed between JAFSA and its counterparts in China (Chinese Association of Universities and Colleges for Foreign Student Affairs = CAFSA) and Korea (Korean Association of Foreign Student Administrators = KAFSA).
1975Director、 Student Exchange Division、 Ministry of Education、Science and Culture (Monbusho) and Director of Research Management and International Affairs Department、 the University of Tokyo become Vice Presidents of JAFSA (designated position until 2000).
1969The President of the University of Tokyo becomes President of JAFSA (designated position until 2000).
1968The Japan Association for Foreign Student Affairs (JAFSA) holds its foundation meeting at Tokyo Institute of Technology. The President of Nagoya University becomes the first President of JAFSA and its Administrative Office is established in the Student Affairs Office of the University of Tokyo.