Introduction of our Activities

Professional Development

(1)Training programs, seminars, workshops on international issues

JAFSA provides various training programs, seminars, and workshops for staff dealing with international issues at their educational organizations. Participants can utilize these opportunities to build their knowledge base, contribute to their professional development, and expand both their networks within the international education field.

(2)Seminars/Events co-hosted by JAFSA and other organizations

The demands of international educational exchange are extensive and changing. JAFSA partners with a variety of organizations to host timely, theme-based seminars that reflect the fluid conditions within international education.

(3)SIG(=Special Interest Group)

JAFSA supports JAFSA members creating “SIG=Special Interest Group”, which conduct research on a range of international educational exchange.

Global Networking

JAFSA cooperates with other international educational exchanges organizations throughout the world and participates in various events relating to study abroad.
At the annual conferences of NAFSA and EAIE, JAFSA supports Japanese universities appealing to the world market, by coordinating a community booth. JAFSA also participates in and supports overseas Japan fairs as well as domestic events held by embassies, universities, and educational organizations. Through these events, JAFSA is developing its network both internationally and domestically.


JAFSA conducts a wide range of public relations activities through publishing, the media, and the Internet. Of particular significance is JAFSA’s website and mailing list which deliver beneficial information to members in a timely manner. Members also can utilize the mailing list to exchange information (posts can be in Japanese and English).