History of JAFSA

JAFSA was established in 1968 as a non-profit, non-governmental, voluntary based organization.
In the beginning, organization name was “Japan Association for Foreign Student Affairs” (JAFSA). But in year 2000, along with increased number of Japanese students who study abroad, JAFSA changed its name to “JAFSA: Japan Network for International Education”.
As of Apr 2019, JAFSA’s membership includes 274 universities and organizations, and 62 corporations.

2018JAFSA celebrates its 50th anniversary of the foundation.
2016First Participation in AIEA.
2014JAFSA becomes "Global Adviser" of NAFSA Global Partner Program.
2014JAFSA starts to exhibit a JAFSA booth at APAIE.
2012JAFSA starts to exhibit a JAFSA booth at EAIE.
2009JAFSA becomes "Global Associate" of NAFSA Global Partner Program.
2008JAFSA starts to exhibit a JAFSA booth at NAFSA.
2003JAFSA is officially registered as an NPO in November 4th.
2000The organization is renamed as JAFSA: Japan Network for International Education.
1968The Japan Association for Foreign Student Affairs (JAFSA) holds its foundation meeting at Tokyo Institute of Technology.